Research fields

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Professor Emeritus Addad Moshe

Violence and political terror

Pathology and criminality

Juvenile delinquency

Moral Judgment, meaning of life and human values

Personality and criminality

Dr. Alek Malca


Violence and adolescence

Drug prevention

Drug treatment

Psychology and psychopathology of adolescence

Adolescent risk taking

Prof. Ben David Sara

Sex offenders

Women and Crime



Penal institutions

משה בן סימון דוקטור Dr. Bensimon Moshe


1. Victimology: Post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic growth among terror victims; Combat stress reaction; Music therapy with terror victims.

2. Aggression, crime and music: Music in prison; Dangerous music; Collective singing and violence.



ד"ר ליאור כהן-רז Dr. Cohen-Raz Lior

Perceptual, cognitive and emotional aspects of criminality

Victimology and deviance

Psychophysical methods as applied to criminology

Violence and affect

Developmental and personality aspects of psychopathology and deviance

Prof. Einat Tomer


  • Penology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Male and Female Prisons
  • Intermediate Sanctions and Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Women and crime
  • Learning disabilities  and Criminal Behavior


Prof. Glicksohn Joseph

Sensation seeking and prosocial behavior

Impulsivity and antisocial behavior

The structure of personality

Individual differences in cognitive functioning

Cognitive psychopathology

Electrophysiology, personality, cognition and consciousness

Time perception, time perspective and impulsive decision making

Problem solving, metaphor and cognitive style

Dr/ Yael Idisis Dr. Idisis Yael

Violence and aggression

Moral Judgment

Sex offenders

Dr. Leshem Rotem

- Impulsivity and Decision-making processes in adolescence.


- The neural basis and physiological processes of attention, language and emotions in relation to risky behaviors.


- Executive functions and emotional and behavioral problems.


- Hemispheric specialization for linguistic and emotional processes in risky behaviors.




Professor Emeritus Nachshon Israel

Traumatic memory

Memory and beliefs

False memory

Eyewitness testimony and facial perception

Prof. Nahari Galit

1. Detection of deception and witnesses credibility assessments

2. Legal and investigative decision-making

3. Forensic judgmental biases

4. Interpersonal Reality Monitoring

5. Detection of concealed information. 

6. Applied memory

7. Criminal psychology and liar's strategies

8. Verifiability approach
Dr. Naor-Ziv Revital
Prof. Ronel Natti
  • Spiritual criminology and spiritual intervention and rehabilitation
  • Positive criminology, positive victimology
  • Phenomenology
  • Victimology
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Addiction treatment
  • Self help groups and 12-step program
Prof. Silfen Peter

Psychopathology and personality disorders

Criminality and psychotherapy

Psychopathology and the computer


Medico-legal institutions

Prof. Timor Uri

Treatment and rehabilitation of prisoners


Youth violence

Qualitative research

Prof. Walsh Sophie

Emigration and coping

Adolescence: developmental processes, delinquency and  youth at risk

Family relationships

Prejudice and racism

Professor Emeritus Wolf Yuval

Social deviance and criminality

Violence and aggression

Prevention of violence

Psychophysics of the measurement of crime

Psychosocial psychodiagnostics

Terror and its prevention

Dr. Yurman Ada

Mass victimology

Political deviance

Sociology of deviance

Social change