Study program - general information

General information

 BA studies 

The BA study program aims to provide a basis in criminology.  Areas covered include various types of deviant behavior, and crime prevention. Topics include: delinquency, sex crimes, aggression, crime and criminality, criminal careers, morality, punishment, victimology and more.


 MA studies 

There are currently 4 MA tracks.  These include Theoretical criminology, Research,  Clinical and Social and Rehabilitation.  Each track aims to specialize and educate in its own field focusing on the interplay between theory and application


 PhD studies 

PhD studies aim to educate toward independence in the theory and study of criminology.


 Dual track studies 

This track targets the development of excellent students whose first year of MA studies is characterized by academic excellence.


Regular PhD track

A MA grade exceeding 85 at Bar-Ilan University or equivalent.