Gerald Cromer z"l

Gerald Cromer
Professor' Senior staff member Department of Criminology
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"The Writing Was On the Wall": Constructing Political Deviance in
Israel. Bar Ilan University Press: Ramat Gan, 1998, 168pp.

Narratives of Violence Ashgate: Aldershot 2001 116pp.

A War of Words: Political Violence and Public Debate in Israel Frank Cass: London 2004 154pp.

Edited Books

Insurgent Terrorism Ashgate: Aldershot (in press)


The Debate about Kahanism in Israeli Society 1984-1988. Harry Frank
Guggenheim Foundation, New York, 1988, 45 pp.

"The Quintessential Dilemna": American Jewish Responses to Intermarriage Rappaport Center for Assimilation Research: Ramat-Gan 2004 54pp

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Articles in Press

Telling Etiology Stories: Towards an Understanding of the Politics of Deviance Designation Megamot (Hebrew) 26pp.

National Liberation Narratives Journal of Conflict Studies 39pp

The Rabin Assassinaton: Looking Back at a National Trauma Studies in Contemporary Jewry 12pp

(With Yael Saka) The Influence of Staying in a Shelter on the Self-Image of Battered Women Crime and Social Deviance (Hebrew)

Articles in Conference Proceedings

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The Haredi Response to Religious Zealotry Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of Jewish Studies. Division B, Vol 3 World Union of Jewish Studies Jerusalem 1994 pp. 289-295.

Research Reports

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