What do you do with it? Is there work for alumni of a Bachelor's degree?

Over time, there is a growing awareness of the benefits of Criminology, and various institutions in the market, both private and public, seek to employ criminology graduates. In the few examples presented below, one can see the wide range of employment options available.

Location: In the north of the country (Haifa), in the center of the country (Jerusalem, Holon), and in the south (Negev);

Employment: In municipalities (Hof Hasharon Regional Council), in organizations and institutions (Beit Eckstein, AG Rehabilitation of Home for Life), in associations (Jerusalem Association for Homeless Youth, Association in the field of employment and support for independent living), and in private bodies (investigation companies);

Job scope: There are several types, both full-time and part-time jobs.

Population type: Adolescents and children (coordinator at a Center for Youth at Risk) and also adults (managers of housing for adults with special needs);

And, Nature of the Job: The range of employment possibilities is very wide: whether in training or in the development of intervention programs, from coordinators to managers, and more.

In all the above examples, the job description requires: criminologists or criminology.

There are many job sites on the Internet. You can enter the various sites, write "criminologist" in the search engine, and the results you get vary depending on the search date. This way you can be exposed to multiple employment opportunities in the field.

After graduation, most graduates transition into the field. Many find employment upon graduation, there are graduates who have agreed to share about their occupation, and you read more about this on the alumni page on the department's website.

We encourage our students to continue their studies in the department for advanced studies. In the master's degree, there is a program that prepare students for treatment and rehabilitation: Clinical Criminology Program; another program is intended for students interested in engaging in research in academia:  Criminology Program  (in the Criminal Investigative Interviewing track).

In academic institutions across the country, in colleges and universities, you can find many lecturers in the field of criminology who are graduates of the department, some of whom also appear on the alumni page on the Department's website.