Bachelor's Degree


The BA study program aims to provide a thorough and deep base in the study of criminology. The degree includes introductory courses in Criminology, Sociology, Psychology and Penal theory (theories of punishment). In addition, the degree includes a deeper examination of topics related to criminology including juvenile delinquency, sex crimes, gender and crime, aggression, crime and criminality, criminal careers, psychpathology, psychoneurological aspects of crime, discrimination, drug use, morality, victimology and more. Within the framework of the degree you will have a chance to do your own research and to write an independent research paper.


There are two paths of admission into the department of Criminology:

  1. A combination of the average of your matriculation scores and your psychometric score. The chances of admission in this track can be assessed through the calculator which can be found on the university's website.
  2. Students with a matriculation average of 98 or higher in the Israeli Bagrut exams can be accepted without a psychometric score. Those accepted under these conditions must still take an English examination (Amir / Amiram).

Students currently studying in Bar Ilan and who wish to transfer to a criminology major from other departments need to submit their application to the Office of Admissions. Students applying from abroad or who do not have an Israeli end of school certificate, need to apply through the office for overseas students.


Admission requirements for immigrants - holders of a matriculation certificate from abroad.


The criminology can be taken through three different tracks:


Criminology only: One major track (extended):

This is a degree in criminology only, without additional majors.

Studies include 92 credits (46 hours per year).

Duration of studies - three years.

Dual-major track degree:

Studies in this track take place in combination with an additional dual-major subject from an another department. Studies include 54 credits (27 hours per year) in each of the departments. Duration of studies - three years.

Structured dual-major track:  

Studies in this track take place in combination with a dual-major subject from one of the following departments:

 • Middle East studies
• Sociology and anthropology
• Political Science
• Education (in educational counseling and special education tracks)
• Jewish art
• Psychology

Studies in criminology in this track cover 50-52 credits (25-26 hours per year)


Academic framework

The curriculum consists of mandatory courses, elective courses, theoretical and research seminars.

Duration of studies - three years. 


Transition courses

Students have to pass the following courses with at least a grade of 70 in order to transition to their second year studies.
• Theories in Criminology 73-100-01
• Theory of Penology A. 73-112-01
• Theory of Penology B. 73113-01


Teaching certificate in Criminology

As part of your undergraduate studies, it is also possible to undergo training in teaching criminology to high school students through the teacher training unit, in the School of Education. For these training studies only third-year students can enroll.

More information on the website of the Department of Teacher Training (Teaching Certificate)